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Ref No: 8187

Year: 1990
Model Diana 105-2

Straight line

(originally equipped to produce straight line, crash lock , 4 & 6 corner style cartons
the second servo is not operational so machine is now able to run straight line and
crash lock only)

It is complete with ploughs and back fold lifters.

Max blank width : 1050mm
Min blank width : 50 mm ( for straight line )
Max feed up length : 900mm
Max mechanical speed : 450 m/min
Caliper : 200 - 900 gsm carton board

Complete with :
- Bottom belt friction feeder with vibration
- EMS code reader
- Pre fold
- Kas Compact C 600 6 channel glue system with 6 glue guns
- Servo driven back fold (1st fold)
- 2nd servo not operational
- Side Seam glue pot for cold glue
- EMS side seam detection
- Jagenberg kicker counter,
- Eject system
- Trombone section
- Pneumatic Compression belt delivery

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