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Ref No: 8070

Processes sheets up to 2800mm width and unlimited length;
Processes sheets from 1-10mm.
It doesn’t have a multiout option, and only cuts at the length of the sheet.

upgraded 2019 with:

Feeding rolls are new;
Installed no-crush wheels;
Slotting and cutting knives have been replaced by new ones;
PLC is new and made by Omron;
New Siemens automation unit;
Polycarbonate protections have been installed;

This machine has been altered to work with the 0-point in the center, rather than from on one of the sides.

Feeding table has been built with automatic rules, that are set at the same time as the slotting knives and creasing wheels, when you introduce the size of the box.

2 scissor-lifts with 3000x1000 with a capability of lifting 2tons.
One is at the feeding table, and the other on the out of the machine, and are independently controlled by a set of controls for each.

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